WhatsApp’s “unsend” feature is finally here!


We have ALL faced it, haven’t we?

That moment we sent a message to a certain someone, and instantly regretted it.  Either it is to the wrong person, or the message content is quite inappropriate- we’ve all wanted to “unsend” some of our most regrettable WhatsApp texts.

Well, it looks like the anticipated wait is finally over, and it’s here.

This new feature, officially called the “delete for everyone”, had been in construction for months, and it will now be hitting our phones with the latest update.

This feature will let us automatically delete the message that had been sent by mistake, making it disappear for both the sender and the recipient. However, an important thing to note will be that, this will work only for the messages sent in the last seven minutes.

This life saving option, also being referred to as the “recall” and “revoke” option, is not just applicable on text messages but also on images, videos, GIFs and documents.

So, for all the numbskulls out there, with faster working fingers than brains, you can take it a little easy- WhatsApp has now got your back.

Some important things you need to know

-You have got only 7 minutes to take your incriminating text back. After that, your botch is there to stay and ruin your life.

-Both the sender and recipient must be using the latest version of WhatsApp, or else this feature is useless.

-won’t work for Symbian OS users.

-Unlike a face to face conversation, where you can take back something you’ve said, before the other person has even heard you properly-there is no guarantee if the person has already read the message before you delete it.(Damn screenshots!)

– Another admonition is that, you will not know if your deletion was successful or not. It might just end up working as the present “delete” option and you won’t know until your message starts displaying its effect from the recipient side. If there isn’t any- you are safe.

How does it work?

All you have to do is select the text you want to take back, long press it, and choose the “delete for everyone” from the extended options. Your text will be replaced with a “this message was deleted” notice (meaning, you will still have some justification to do).

This long overdue feature is available for Android, Windows and iOS, and is slowly rolling out on all devices.

Autocorrect fails, drunk texts to the wrong people, silly errors, inappropriate images or videos, embarrassing mishaps- all of it can be retracted now, to save your life on WhatsApp.

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