Uber launches its own credit card, provides free $100 on spending $500


Uber just announced the ‘no-annual-fee’ Uber Visa Card, which is designed specifically with us riders in mind. According to Uber, they asked the customers about how and where they spend and what matters the most in a credit card. The result? A credit card with amazing benefits.

According to the official website, the Uber Visa Card will be available in the US from November 2, 2017.
With the new card, you can get rewards on your purchases. As per the details revealed, for the first 90 days, users will be getting $100 after spending $500 on purchases and earn 4% back on dining. Apart from this, 3% back on hotel and airfare, 2% back for online purchases and 1% back on all other purchases (seriously, anything).

With the card and its rewards, you can do things like having dinner with a friend in a fancy restaurant, taking an Uber to work (obviously), or even shop online. You can redeem your rewards for Uber credits, which you know how to use, don’t you?

What else is new?

The Uber Credit Card is more than just rewards. You get $50 for online subscription credit, a mobile phone protection when you pay your mobile phone bill with the Uber Visa card. With no foreign exchange fees and exclusive events and offers, Uber has definitely been venturing for good. At least, we can hope so.

Thinking of getting one? Super easy. From November 2, users will have the option to get the card from the Uber App itself. Also, you can look for the card online. Physical cards may take upto a week to reach via mail, but the virtual ones will be right there with you once you get it verified, within minutes.

In the era of virtual wallets and cashless/cardless economy, this might be one effort to bring the credit card business back. The targeted are actually the young and busy ones, who might help Uber achieve it.

Keeping in mind the lessons of the past, it is an accepted fact that credit cards are the most efficient way to gain customers loyalty and to lose too. The fact that Uber had privacy issues earlier and now they are getting into the credit card business is one thing to watch out for.

If we look at the bigger picture, Uber though bigger than Lyft, was struggling behind. This may help Uber to get back on track.

This is not actually Uber’s solo venture, it is in partnership with Barclays and Visa. Still, with so much data already available to companies like Amazon, there are some questions which still need to be answered.
Are we going in the right direction with so much data available to the companies? Are we doing good in terms of user data privacy?

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