this website has a redirect loop

How to Solve This Webpage has a Redirect Loop Issue?


Are you facing ‘this webpage has a redirect loop’ error on the browser? If you think you gave up solving it, we got the light of hope for you. Here in this article, you will find out how to solve the error, so that you can browse the web like ever before.

Fix This Webpage has a Redirect Loop Problem

this website has a redirect loop

First, let’s understand the problem. Then, I will give you multiple methods to solve it.

What is This Webpage has a Redirect Loop Problem?

If you are a webmaster, you know what redirection means. Suppose you have the domain and you want to change it to, a redirection is done to bring the users entering to When the redirection gets all messed up, the linearity of it loses giving rise to the loop issue. In simple terms, a redirect loop problem is A points to B and it returns back to A.

Some browsers, especially Chrome show this error as ‘Error 310 (net::ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS): there were too many redirects’. Once you get this message, you should know that the issue is a redirect loop, which brings the browser where it started.

How to Solve ‘Error 310 (net::ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS): there were too many redirects’?

The error can happen in two different ways; client and server. If what you are getting is from client issue, you can get it over with simply clearing the cache and cookies.

So, let’s try to do that.

Method 1: Clear Cache and Cookies

Step 1: First, you have to open the browser. On the interface, open the menu (you can do it on Chrome by clicking the top-right button).

Step 2: You can see nearly a dozen options there. We have to open the Settings. Run your eyes through all the options and choose Settings. On Chrome, it is the third item from the bottom.

this website has a redirect loop

Step 3: Scroll down to the bottom and hit Advanced to get more options. The last option under Privacy and security is what we want. That reads Clear browsing data.

this website has a redirect loop

Step 4: Opening it up will display eight checkboxes before you, which are

  • Browsing history
  • Download history
  • Cached images and files
  • Cookies and other site data
  • Passwords
  • Autofill form data
  • Hosted app data
  • Media licenses

If you want to clear all, you can make a custom selection. Nonetheless, I recommend going with the fourth one only; cookies and other site data.

Step 5: Finally, hit the blue button that says Clear browsing data. You may have to wait a few seconds to get the browser back to the working state.

this website has a redirect loop

There you go! You can now restart the browser and visit the website that returned this website has a redirect loop error. It must have gone.

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Method 2: Check the Date and Time on Your Computer

Can you believe it? Wrong time and date on your system can get you in trouble like the redirect loop. Do you know how to correct them?

Step 1: Right-click on the clock at the system tray to get a context menu. On most of the computers, you will get Adjust date/time as the second option. Click on it.

this website has a redirect loop

Step 2: You should turn the toggle on for the option, ‘Set time automatically’. It will take care of the rest and adjust the time by itself. In case, you want to set the time manually, you can hit the Additional date, time & region settings from the sidebar.

this website has a redirect loop

Step 3: At this step, you will get a specific settings from the control panel. Choose Set the time and date and hit the button that says the same next. You will have the screen to change the time and date there.

this website has a redirect loop

What if you are a web master and there is nothing one can do from the computer or browser settings? Then, you must dig into the files of your website to solve this website has a redirect loop issue.

Method 3: Editing HTACCESS File

You might have already familiarized with .htaccess file. It is the short form of hypertext access. We can control directories and subdirectories of websites that use Apache-based web servers with the help of .htaccess file. You should bear in mind that messing up the file makes your life as a web admin difficult. It can make or break your site.

You can check the file using an FTP tool like FileZilla. In case you are a novice who has no experience with FTP, you can use the in-house file manager from your web host to check the file.

this website has a redirect loop

Once you have it, try to read the codes from the top to bottom. Do you see anything suspicious there? (I recommend you copy-paste the code to a notepad window before you start editing it). Try to remove it and save the file. Then, open your website to check whether the issue is present or not.

You can even try deleting every line and paste only the default code. Check this thread from WordPress Codex to get an idea of .htaccess files.

That’s a Wrap

So, did you solve this website has a redirect loop error? You got three most efficient methods to fix it.

In case you own no websites and get the error, you can try resetting your browser. It will erase all your information including the saved passwords from the browser and you can’t retrieve them once it happens.

I believe you don’t have to reset the browser because clearing cache and cookies can solve the error. Restart your computer on completing the first method. It will make your chances of solving the issue maximum.

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