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Sarahah App; What is all the Buzz about?


If you haven’t heard of Sarahah app yet, you are probably living under a rock. Over the last few weeks, the app went trending, especially in India. I am sure you saw at least one social media update about it.

Have you tried it? If you didn’t, you should read this article here. We are briefly discussing about Sarahah app here.

Sarahah App; How it Works?

sarahah app

Sarahah (meaning honesty in Arabic) is an application available for Android and iOS. Once you create an account, you can share profile link on your social media networks for your connections to send you anonymous messages. They can send anything, yeah literally anything.

Once the person on the receiving end opens the application, they can read them without getting a single clue about where they came from. The best thing about Sarahah is everyone can send you messages (even people with no Sarahah profile).

Now that you know the working, let me ask you one thing. What do you think about it? Is it cool or creepy?

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You might think it as the coolest thing you ever heard. People can send you anonymous messages. So, they can criticize you and thus, you can improve yourself. Is this what you think? Well then, let me tell you. The company also made it clear that the app is not for weak-hearted.

Why because anonymity is a dangerous thing. People don’t care about what they say given the zero chances of getting caught. So, you will end up getting tons of negative comments.

Sarahah team is working hard to elevate the privacy settings. You can tweak them to ensure not many creepy anonymous people intrude into your profile.

Of course, it is an amazing idea, and the user interface does justice to the purpose. You can opt for it if you got the bones to read the messages you are going to receive.


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