SanDisk Sets a Record For The World’s Highest-Capacity MicroSD Card



With the expansion of cloud storage, many smartphone manufacturers have started removing microSD card slots from their devices. The others have introduced hybrid slots, like the one seen in Xiaomi devices. Although the cloud technology seems to be more secure and convenient than the microSD, many consumers, as well as tech enthusiasts, have spoken again this trend and they still feel the need to have expandable storage. With that being said, some manufacturers still continue to offer this feature. Samsung is one such company.

No matter how big your microSD card’s capacity is, you will still that it’s not enough and would want something more. The major reason for this is the evolving smartphone era which brings in certain features that demand more and more memory.

One of the latest revolutions in the smartphone technology over the past couple of years is the introduction to dual-lens rear cameras. Indeed, this is a very beneficial and an effective feature to have in your mobile. With that, you get a number of features and effects for your pictures, such as the lossless optical zoom and the bokeh effect- something that Apple has been boasting about since the launch of iPhone 7 Plus. However, these pictures and videos add up to the memory burden of the smartphone as they often take a lot more space than before. Moreover, certain smartphones like the iPhone 7 Plus, by default captures two separate pictures at once when shot using the Portrait mode. Pictures have gotten larger too due to the ever growing sensor resolution. Thanks to 4K video recording as well, which eats up an insane amount of storage space, a feature that is widely supported now.


Fret not! After launching a revolutionary microSD card that is able to hold 200GB of data, SanDisk has rolled out a new Ultra microSD card, which has set the record for the highest capacity microSD card ever, with a massive storage capacity of 400GB!  The 400GB SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-I card was launched at the sidelines of the IFA 2017 and claims to have read/write speed of 1500 and 500 IOPS respectively, which comes under the Application Performance Class 1 (A1) spec. This means that the card can be used to run apps on your smartphone smoothly.

In addition to the massive capacity, the card is waterproof, shockproof, X-ray proof, and even resistant to temperature changes. The microSD card offers twice the warranty of its any other storage device. SanDisk has extended the warranty for a period of 10 years. The microSDXC card will soon be available at all the major retailers along with the SanDisk’s official website at a price tag of $249.99 (roughly Rs. 16,000).


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