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Paytm Postcard Lets You Gift Money to Your Loved Ones with Custom Messages


Once the demonetization happened, Paytm rose to be the center of the cashless transactions in India. They periodically brought new and useful changes to the platform to increase the usability. About a month ago, they introduced the traffic challan payment system to the application.

On the auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan, they have launched another feature, named Paytm Postcard. They also came up with the direct money sending capability from the phonebook as well. Let’s have a look at what they offer with it.

Paytm Postcard is Your Virtual Money Order but with Impressive Customizations

paytm postcard

Simply put, Paytm Postcard is a virtual envelope, using which you can send money to anybody using the application. Of course, we can do the same thing without the postcards too. But the level of customization the new feature offers makes your special occasions even more special.

The Paytm app version 5.10.0 update on Android and version 5.11.3 update on iOS brought the new changes to the table. Once you update the application, you can open it up and see postcard feature on the home screen itself. All the received postcards are seen there. If you want to send one, you need to tap ‘Send a Postcard’, enter the mobile number (or choose from the phone book, and finally hit Send.

Unlike the regular money sending, the amount doesn’t get added to the wallet balance instantly. The person on the receiving end should accept the postcard. In case it doesn’t happen within 10 days, the money will return to where it came from.

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You can choose between the available six themes (Classic, Rakhi, Birthday, Best Wishes, Thank You and Lucky You) for the postcard. They may launch new themes in the near future.

Along with the postcard, they also launched Paytm Automatic, using which you can always keep a minimum balance on your wallet by allowing the app to automatically top up.


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