NO! Vivo V7 Plus doesn’t come with 24 MP Front Camera! It’s a LIE.


If you ask any random Indian to name any 3 smartphone brands currently in India, there is a good chance that almost all of them will name Vivo at least once. In the past few years, chinese brands have flooded the Indian smartphone market and surprisingly, they are even getting a pretty good response from the customers. After all, they are providing almost same specifications as of flagship devices of other companies at almost half the prices. The smartphone market has now become all about higher specifications, the one who is able to stuff higher numbered specs in their smartphones, takes the cake. Recently we saw Vivo launching Vivo V7 Plus with a huge 24MP front camera, sounds amazing, right? But what if I told you, that this is just a lie?

According to an article published on StoriesIO, it has been uncovered that theoretically it is impossible for Vivo to deliver a 24MP front shooter in Vivo V7 Plus. Let’s first take a quick look at the specifications and then move ahead. Vivo V7 Plus comes with a 5.99-inch display, 4GB RAM, 64GB of Internal Storage, 16MP rear camera, a 24-MP front camera and Octa-core Snapdragon 450 processor. Everything looks good? Right? Uhm… Nope!

Vivo V7 Plus comes with Snapdragon 450 under the hood, and if you head to the official Qualcomm website, you will find that this processsor is at most capable of handling either a dual camera setup of 13MP+13MP camera or a single camera of 21MP, nothing more than that.

So how in the world Vivo is selling a smartphone with 24MP front facing camera along with SnapDragon 450? THEY ARE NOT.

StoriesIO dug a little deeper and got some people to run the benchmarks app on the Vivo V7 Plus. The results that these apps showed were surprising. Instead of a 24 MP Camera, the device comes only with a 19.7 MP camera.

Conclusion? Vivo is buring a lot of money in marketing and pushing out new smartphones with higher specs, but resorting to something like misleading specs wasn’t expected from them. Let us know if you were ever cheated by such a brand in the comments below.

Source: StoriesIO

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