Latest Leak Suggests That Apple Might Ditch the Home Button in the iPhone 8


As we progress to the end of 2017, we are getting to more and more bezel-less smartphones. Bezel-less smartphones are getting an incredible hype. And why won’t they? They look extremely good and give a premium feel. In my last post as well I talked of a yet another bezel-free smartphone, the Maze Alpha, at an astonishingly low price. And as expected, the Apple’s iPhone 8 could make the bezel-less jump too! The latest iPhone 8 render also shows something similar.

The rumor mill has been hitting peak froth. What makes it even more special is the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. Furthermore, the iPhone 7 wasn’t much of an upgrade to the iPhone 6s and didn’t deliver much improvement. Therefore, people are expecting a lot from the upcoming iPhone 8.

If Apple has decided to go for an all-screen design for its iPhone 8, what will it look like?

The doubts are starting to dissipate now. A prolific leaker, Even Blass has always been obliging us with some of the most accurate renders of the latest smartphones. His latest leak provides a pretty good picture of what to expect from the iPhone 8.


According to Blass, the smartphone will be a screen-dominated one with negligible bezels. The render shows the new iPhone 8 cased in a neon yellow Urban Armor Gear shell. The phone is mostly screen, and the home button has been removed to adjust more of the display. There’s now a simple wedge at the top to accommodate the dual camera sensors and central earpiece; the rest is the big old expanse of the display.


The new leak gets fans talking more about the most anticipated smartphone of this year. The smartphone is expected to launch at a press event in September and could be priced for $1,000 or even more! Stay tuned as we dig up further for all possible details!


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