How to find the Background music of YouTube Video?


Sometimes, when you watch a video on YouTube, you may hear a catchy song that gets stuck in your mind. Even though you did not understand the lyrics well, and you do not remember it, you would want to download it and hear it over and over again. This has happened to many of us. Also, there are chances that you might have heard the song before but you do not exactly know what it is. If you do not get that song, your mind continuously wanders around the same tune, music, or a phrase of that song. Now, you can do away with that curiosity by following these simple methods to search the background music of youtube video.

How to find the background music of a YouTube Video?

  • Track the song from audio swap library

This is one simple method through which you can search the background audio of YouTube. You just have to click on the button for video statistics which is present right below the video. There you will find all the minute details related to the video. This will also include the song, its lyrics, the artist, and the album to which it belongs.

  • Vidtomp3

VidToMp3 is an online website which helps you to extract the background audio of any YouTube video. It  must be noted that this website doesn’t only give you the music but whole audio of the particular video, this means that if your video is having some voiceover along with the music then you will be getting that as well. The website is easy to use, you just need to enter the video URL, the website will automatically present you with the download link of the music.

  • Use “Shazam” app

Another professional method to search the background music of YouTube is by using this wonderful app. This is an app which provides you with music identifications service. You need to install the app named ‘Shazam’ on your device and install it properly. You have to keep your device near the speaker of your system while you play that video on YouTube. This app will identify the song and will let you know about it.

  • Find it using Twitter

This is also one of the easiest ways to find background music of YouTube video. It is more of a trial and error method which works most of the time, only if you do it carefully. Copy the ID of that particular video on the Twitter search engine. Remember that video ID is that part of video URL which appears like a code consisting of number and alphabets in random form. This will list out all the tweets which are done related to that YouTube video and you can find about background audio.

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  • Extract the song from video

If you are tech savvy, then this method is solely meant for you. You may know about the methods to forge the background sound from YouTube video. You can simply download the song and extract the song through Sound Forge Software which is available in the app market.

  • Browse lyrics or a part of it on Google

Sometimes you hear and understand a complete paragraph or phrase from a particular song. You do not need to have the main lyrics or the main lines of the song. You can just type the phrase you remember and Google will show you the results which can be matched with the song playing in the background of YouTube video.

  • YouTube comment section

This is the easiest and time-saving method to search the background audio on YouTube. Just enquire about the song on comment section given below the video. Ask about the lyrics, album, artist, or download link for the song. You will surely get a reply from someone.

After looking at all these methods, we can certainly come to the conclusion that this is a tricky yet interesting part of our daily lives. It is a human tendency to get stuck with a particular thought or song. But, now you have a solution for everything because of enhanced technology and advanced software.

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