Here’s How You Can Filter All The Annoying Sarahah Posts From Your Timeline!


By now I assume that you must be aware of the Sarahah app. The app which is meant for self-development is now being used as a fun way for receiving anonymous messages.

The app has been live since past 6 months but has gained momentum very quickly causing a fresh internet storm and is getting more downloads than Youtube, Instagram, and even Snapchat!
It is an anonymous messaging app meant to collect feedbacks. People can go to your link and send you messages and feedbacks.
However, the app is not only anonymous but annoying as well!
The app is an addiction for many, and annoyance for most making them avoid their own social media accounts. Consider yourself fortunate if you are still unaware of this new fad.
Are you the one who’s annoyed by the never-ending string of incoming Sarahah posts on your Facebook feed? Well, I feel you.
Let’s be practical: If it’s a feedback, can they not keep it to themselves and work on their weaknesses? I don’t care how great one looks or who has a crush on them. I just don’t care about the self-praising messages sent to someone anonymously. The anonymity on the web has quickly descended into trolling which is far from being ‘constructive’.
People finding it hard to digest the fact that they have nothing to boast about are taking sahara of Sarahah.

And we really do not want to see more Facebook and Instagram stories of you responding to those Sarahah confessions.

Unfriending or unfollowing a few won’t make a big difference when every other guy is into this app. I personally have unfollowed a few of my friends but I still get to see Sarahah posts every now and then by others.

Although there are some people who want to see the world burn, there are some kind humans too. One such savior is Anshul Mittal, a NIT graduate, who has built a Chrome extension to hide all the Sarahah nonsense! If you don’t want to see Sarahah confessions anymore on your Facebook or Instagram feed, head over and download this cool plugin right away!

His extension goes by the name Enough of Sarahah. It hides all these Sarahah messages and posts from your feed, restoring it to look exactly what it was like a while back.

The extension is smarter than you think. It can also detect all the texty images which it believes is a screenshot of Sarahah!

Via- ScoopWhoop

Download the extension from this link and make your feed great again! Or if have started to like this Bullsh** then you can also check out our previous post to get to know more about this app.



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