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One of the most consistent smartphone brands in the offline market, Gionee recently unveiled its two new smartphones- Gionee A1 and Gionee A1+ at the MWC 2017. Within the span of a month, Gionee A1 smartphone has been rolled out for Indian consumers. The phone covers all the essential features one would want in his smartphone. It also boasts of its 16-megapixel front camera to capture perfect selfies and videos even in low-light.

Build & Design

The Gionee A1 comes with a metal body design which is gradually becoming the standard of the smartphone business. The A6000 aircraft-grade material used in creating the smartphone, which the company claims, is durable and also looks premium.

Over that, the phone has a rounded metal back along with smooth and sandblasted finish offering a sturdy grip in hand. It is topped with a 2.5D curved Gorilla Glass adding to its visual appeal.

The fingerprint sensor is integrated directly into the physical home button. It offers an accurate and quick feedback and is at par with the competition. The buttons are also placed ergonomically making it very easy to operate.

Although the design offered is not really exemplary, the build quality is slightly better than the mid-range smartphones like Redmi Note 4 and Honor 6X. Despite its 5.5 Inch large display, the smartphone is easy to hold and operate single-handedly. It will fit well in your hands.

Display & UI

One of the highlights of this smartphone is its beautifully carved 5.5-inch full HD AMOLED display panel. It has 401 pixels per inch. The 1080p high-resolution AMOLED panel delivers punchy colors and sharp contrast. The colors are natural and not too oversaturated like almost every other smartphone with an AMOLED panel.

Viewing angles are good too without many color shifts. The phone performed well even with high brightness levels, and the screen was bright enough even under direct sunlight.

The UI allows you to choose from three different display color settings- warm, neutral and cool. The warm tone might look a bit yellowish at the start but feels comforting once you get used to it.

The smartphone runs on Android Nougat along with Gionee’s Amigo OS on top. Although the OS gives it a nice feel and is easy to use, it is heavily bloated and doesn’t offer much customization options. You get an iOS-like settings menu that is fairly intuitive. It also has features like Smart Gesture.

The UI is heavy and eats up 1GB of RAM. The entire OS along the UI leaves about 52.61GB of usable space out the given 64GB. However, it still, performs decently.


The smartphone comes with a 16MP front camera and a 13MP rear camera. The phone did outperform most of the smartphones in this price segment regarding picture quality, but I did expect a lot more from it. Not that the camera is bad, but it could’ve been better, especially the front camera.

The front camera does capture great details in well-lit surroundings. It is well equipped with all the required sensors. The flash works well in low-light. However, the pictures lose details in such conditions, but they are still pretty decent. The beautify mode tweaks your selfies to make them even more beautiful.

The 13mp rear camera does much better than expected. The results are realistic and impressive. It captures even minute details in low-light as well. The AMOLED display helps the picture to look even better. However, the results differed slightly on bigger screens.

The smartphone is definitely going to impress you in terms of camera quality.

Battery & Connectivity

The Gionee A1 is backed by a massive 4010mAH battery that does a great job not only on papers but in real life usage as well. It lasts for a day and a half during the moderate day to day usage. It also supports fast charging and can charge the phone in under 2 hours. There is no connectivity or reception issue in the smartphone. The loudspeaker output is also good and could be easily heard from a distance.


The smartphone has MedtiaTekHelio P10 octa-core SoC clocking at the speed of 2GHz and is packed with 4GB of RAM. The processor is not the best one but does a decent job in the day to day usage.

There is no unusual heating while doing basic operations. However, it does heat up while playing high-end games and leads to frame drops but basic games run smoothly.

If you are a moderate user, the phone will run smoothly, and you won’t face any lag issues. However, the phone might stutter a bit while multitasking But, if you are into gaming and heavy usage, this smartphone might disappoint you.


Overall, the Gionee A1 offers a great user experience and comes packed with an elegant display, a massive battery, beautifully carved metallic unibody and a high-quality selfie camera. The phone does well in normal usage but lags while gaming.

The smartphone would be good for an offline buyer, but there are a lot more options available in the online market. It is definitely a worthy choice but not the best one to buy.

Maadhav Saxena is a teenager who loves new technology. He's currently studying in 12th standard and also blogs in his free time.

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