Five Reasons Not to Buy The Micromax Canvas Infinity


Micromax has been trying hard to make an impact in the Indian smartphone market since quite a long time, the way it did for many years at the start.  They face a fierce competition by Chinese brands in the entry-level smartphones so they revamped their portfolio, offered high-end devices like the Dual 5, but it didn’t work out. The company now looks forward to the success of its all new device, the Micromax Canvas Infinity.

The phone has already managed to get much hype following many leaks and rumors of it boasting a Full Vision display. a feature seen only in a handful of smartphones. The company has set a departure from its previous phone lineups to launch the Infinity at a competitive price of Rs. 9,999 and is the first Indian manufacturer to opt for this kind of display. However, the competition has already got stiffer with the launch of the LG Q6, a phone that inherits the design aesthetics and features from theG6 at a lower price.

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With the display being its key proposition, the device might look amazing to you but it failed to impress me. No doubt that the 18:9 aspect ratio is something new and all would like to experience it. But, there are certain other things to be considered as well.



What makes the device stand apart from the rest is its display that rule the market at this price point. The 5.7 Inch display covers the majority part of the smartphone. The company calls it a TrueVision display, which is what LG calls it too, so it seems Micromax forgot to draw the line somewhere. Although it does look more or less like the LG G6 and Q6, but it still looks good to me so that should not be a matter. What should matter is the lack of screen protection.

A 5.7 Inch TrueVision display with slim bezels is more prone to scratches and cracks. However, no screen protection is provided for the same which is a big downside.

If you are going to get one then make sure not to drop it and that you have a reliable screen protection in place, just in case.



Under the hood, the processor used is the Snapdragon 425 which is a low-power processor and is inferior to the one in the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 which falls under the same price segment. In terms of performance, it like an underdog when compared even to the Redmi 4, a phone that comes at a substantially cheaper price than the Infinity. The phone was marketed to be a Samsung S8 like smartphone which does not quite fit.

Canvas Infinity alongside the S8


In order to accommodate the 5.7 inches True Vision display and still keep the phone sleek, the company has compromised on the battery. Xiaomi has set a benchmark for other smartphone brands in terms of battery level, even in the entry level market. Due to this, a 2900mAh seems to be insufficient for day to day smartphone’s usage. Moreover, the phone lacks fast charging capabilities, a feature that has become a necessity now.

Software Updates

The device runs on the Android 7.1.2 Nougat. However, if you want to stay updated and get the latest software on your device then Infinity is not for you. Till date, I haven’t seen any Micromax device getting regular updates, except for the Android One smartphone, of course.

The company is known to not provide any software updates even though there is an option to check if there are any and most probably the legacy will pass on to the Infinity as well. The process of providing an update to existing devices is a quite tedious one as Android requires to be modified quite a bit as per the hardware. The company fails to put any effort for the same.


After Sales Support

The worst thing about Micromax? Well, it’s their After Sales Service.

I’ve been hearing a lot of complaints regarding the same and have had bad experiences myself. The support staff is too stubborn to hear the customer and even if they do, just forget about your device for a while as you won’t be getting it back any soon. A practical reason for this may be that the service centers do not keep any spare parts for the devices with themselves and getting them from the main unit is a time taking process.

In short, after sales service doesn’t exist for Micromax devices!


Run a simple Google search to get a clearer idea of the company in terms of their after sales support.




Undoubtedly, the TrueVision concept is something you would like to experience. However, do consider these consequences before making any decision.

That was all for the post. Do you think the device is going to be a bang for the buck? Do let me know in the comments section.



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