Facebook Launched Mentions- an App for Broadcasters


Lately, Facebook was reportedly working on an app especially for its star broadcasters over Facebook live. The app, Facebook Mentions, is finally launched on Google Play store as well as Apple Appstore. However, Mentions app is currently available only for verified public figures on Facebook. This is a big step to offer an array of features to the influencers and keep them happy. Mentions is essentially a video creation app made for deemed worthy enough creators.

The app was announced at VidCon, a destination for top video content creators from all over the world to promote their show as well as to meet their fanbase and get some new and innovative ideas for their upcoming videos. It even is a chance for video platforms to showcase what they’ve got to attract more creators as well as viewers. Periscope itself promoted its Super Hearts program. Even Instagram here revealed its new functionality of sharing live videos in stories to replay them 24 hours later. However, Youtube is still the leading online video content destination to beat. YouTube Red now gets nearly 250 million videos with a healthy roster of soon-to-come shows.

Via- Facebook

The app will mainly help you go live with certain additional features. Making an announcement or starting a Q&A during live can be done easily with the use of mentions! It includes a “Live Creator Kit” to help the broadcaster manage live videos, include an intro and outro to videos and also an option to add custom stickers and frames. It also helps broadcasters manage their strategy by letting them access viewer user data.

There is also a community tab so that the broadcasters can interact with their audience in a better way.

Another app for creators will come by the end of the year. Those already using Mentions will automatically be onboard to the new one.

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