Chinese Cycle-Sharing Startup to Enter India Next Year


The cycle-sharing industry is a billion-dollar industry in China and has taken the country by storm. It has grown exponentially in past 2 years. Recent surveys reveal that China hosts a total 70 cycle-sharing brands having more than 16 million cycles and 130 million users.


According to some sources, an ardent Chinese bicycle-sharing startup, Ofo, is aiming to enter the Indian market by mid-2018. As of now, the company is busy doing extensive ground research here in India including the governmental policies and infrastructural limitations.


The bike-sharing model in China is unique in its own way. It requires no docking bays. All you need to do is find a parked bicycle around and unlock it by a QR code through your own smartphone, and pedal away wherever you want to. Rides cost as low as 10rs per hour and are even free over weekends.

On the other hand, Delhi’s ride-sharing model would require a user to start as well as end rides only at docking stations spread across the city and not just anywhere. It still needs to be tweaked and localized for the Indian market. One of the key problems the startup is going to face is civic behavior. Chances are there of cycles being stolen or sabotages.


Several state governments are ready to welcome the startup to address issues relating to congestion in the city, said a company personnel. The concept is sustainable, environment-friendly, and is in line with the smart city plans laid down by the respective government.

You just get the cycle, not the girl sitting over it </3

The venture is backed by another Chinese bike-sharing major Didi Chuxing, that eyes to expend further into Indonesia as well next year. Presently, the startup has more than 8 million bicycles being used by more than 100 million users daily across eight countries including but not limited to UK, Singapore, Malaysia and the United States.

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