Source Code Reveals Android O to be Called Oatmeal Cookie


Although we all were hoping Google to name the next Android version as Android Oreo, the internal codes reveal something else.

People at Google headquarters seem to be sweet. Hence, they prefer to name the versions of Android OS after desserts in alphabetical order. So far, the list is as follows-

  1. Cupcake
  2. Donut
  3. Eclair
  4. Froyo
  5. Gingerbread
  6. Honeycomb
  7. Ice Cream Sandwich
  8. Jelly Bean
  9. KitKat
  10. Lollipop
  11. Marshmallow
  12. Nougat
  13. O?

Android O was unveiled in March this year, and some of its features were highlighted later in May. A few days back we received news that Android O is going to be the Version 8.0 and Google have already rolled out its preview for selected Google devices.

You can install the beta version too if you have an eligible device. Click here to know if your device is eligible and the procedure to install the Android O preview version on your smartphone.

The new Android O is in its 3rd preview version. But, the question remains, what is Android O going to be called? It was largely rumored that the same would be called Oreo. However, the internal source code of the OS has revealed that it could be called Oatmeal cookie.

First spotted by Myce, evidence was found in the operating system’s source code with several mentions of ‘oc-dev’ which could possibly be a codename for ‘Oatmeal Cookie.’ Over that, one internal messaging three refers to ‘OC-MR1’ too!

Previously, there were mentions of ‘oatmeal_cookie’ in Google’s slide from I/O Keynote. A few Twitter users seem to have found the reference from Google’s slides itself.

On the other hand, this might be a ploy by Google, and the real name can be something very different!

No matter what the final name of Android O would be, we are pretty sure that it will come pre-installed on the next generation Pixel devices by Google. Over that, this update is going to be huge!


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