Alibaba Cloud to open a data center soon in Mumbai


On this Saturday, Alibaba Cloud, The Cloud computing unit of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group, announced its plans to open its first data center in Mumbai, India by the end of the current financial year. The company also has plans to open a data center in Jakarta, Indonesia and has already announced to open a data center in Malaysia as well.

Alibaba Cloud aims to extend its computing resources in different parts Asia. Thus, the company identified the potential in the world’s second-largest internet using population, India. With these three new data centers planned already, the total number of datacenters will be 17, covering different regions of Asia, USA, Australia and Europe.

Alibaba Headquarters

According to a statement, the company’s vision is to support small and medium enterprises by leveraging the power of their scalable, robust and cost efficient digital cloud. The new data centers will be offering a full suite of services so that enterprises and organizations can build their IT infrastructure on Alibaba Cloud and also run core applications.

This will add them to the fierce competition with tech giants like Amazon and Microsoft already in the country.

India is a potential cloud computing market but the servers currently being used are highly unsecured and more prone to data breach and cyber-attacks, said the Vice President of the Alibaba group, Yu Sicheng.

The company is already serving thousands of its customers from India. Alibaba Cloud has tied up with Global Cloud Xchange (GCX), a subordinate of Reliance Communications for the same.

A recent deal with Tata Communication will link it to Alibaba Cloud to serve customers from over 150 countries through their ‘Express Connect’ platform along with IZO Private Connect service by Tata Communications. This collaboration will give them access to a reliable connection between the Virtual Private Clouds (VPC), the Internet and end-users’ networks.

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